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Introducing the Butt Cutter

Cigarette Extinguisher

Introductory Price $9.00

I would like to introduce you to a remarkable new product for smokers and non-smokers.


The Butt Cutter is the product smokers and non-smokers are looking for.  And it won't break your bank account.


Today, smokers are more courteous about where and when they smoke. 


The Butt Cutter is the next step in making smoking safer, giving smokers a convenient way of extinguishing cigarettes, and a safer way to discard ashes.


The Butt Cutter eliminates burring embers from falling to the ground causing a fire hazard. 




Several years ago, cigarette companies introduced new materials in cigarettes that would extinguish the cigarette if unattended for a short period. However, if the cigarette is located anywhere there is a slight breeze, it could keep the cigarette burning. This is why you need to be vigilant where you leave or throw your cigarettes. If you have any doubt about discarding cigarette butts on the ground, take some time and look up discarding cigarettes on the internet and you’ll find a wide range of reasons why more and more people are concerned.



Benefits for the Smoker 

  1. No Wasted Partials - Only get a chance to smoke part of a cigarette?   Now you don't have to waste the rest of the cigarette.  Use the Butt Cutter to extinguish your cigarette and snip off the ash end.  Store your partial cigarette in the Butt Cutter until you are ready to smoke the rest. Think of the savings that will offer.

  2. Safer Ash Disposal - Butt Cutter stores the ashes.  When you are finished with a cigarette, you can use the Butt Cutter to extinguish your cigarette, eliminating burning embers from falling to the ground causing a fire hazard.  And, Butt Cutter stores the ashes until you have a safe place for disposal.  



Benefits for the Non-Smoker 

  1. Fewer cigarette butts on the street and sidewalks.  This helps our environment.

  2. Store owners won’t need unsightly Butt Buckets in front of their establishments.

  3. Using the Butt Cutter reduces the chance of fires in mulched areas around shrubs and trees, dry grasses, forests and wooded areas.


The Butt Cutter was designed for extinguishing cigarettes only, and should not be used in any other way because it could result in injury and/or property damage. 


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